Recent Interview

What got you into being a trainer?

What other Job is there?? (this is answered in my Bio, wink wink)

What are your Favorite Sports?

I Love ALL Sports! I Love to Spectate, I Love to Participate, I Love to Learn, I Love to Create a Synergy of the Mind, Body, and Souls through the Physical and Mental Performances garnered via THE GAME individually and cohesively!

. . . AHHH HaH . .I LOVE All Sports that Highlight Team Work and how it solders separations’ into A SINGLE Successful unification! Beautiful Beautiful Sports!!!

My Fav Personal Sports that I Play/Do/Enjoy:

Football (LFL)

Snowboarding (seasonal – since I was little)



Field Hockey and Lacrosse (High School and College)




Golf (just started this year)

. . . . and there is another Sport I am working towards qualifying to compete, but it’s a secret for now . . . shhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Is LA the best place ever?

I LOVE LA =)))

The weather, the clusterfruck of so many totally different people, the opportunity, the Entertainment, the Smog, the overflow of live music, the History of Legends it’s Housed, cultivated and Memorialized, the Culture, the cohesions of talents, the sell outs, the burn outs, the transplants, the locals, the peeps that have no idea they’re in the most accessible city of Anything and Everything made Possible, the groupies, the Valley Girls, the Vintage Car Game, the Pimped out Priuses (Don’t look at me, nu UhhHH, I can’t go Green, and Lose my soul, but I respect those that Choose to do whatever they chose to do with their Prius), the Food, the Art, the LOVE, the FASHION!!!!


Like, what’s your favorite coffee shop?

Well, like Okay . .. Dunkin Donuts!!! SiiiiiiiiiiiiiKe, GotcH Yah!! That’s so East Coast, duH . . . okay, so coffee shop.

Well, if I am channeling a Bohemian Hippie Chic vibe and I just finished up a sweet Hot Vinyasa Flow Class, then Urth Caffe in either WeHo or Santa Monica!

If I want the best HOT Chai Tea Latte in all of the land, then The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

If I just finished up shopping on Robertson Blvd and I want to grab a quick pikes roast and a cake pop with a girlfriend, then Starbucks on the corner of Beverly and Robertson.

But, MY FAV FAV FAV place for a quick bite, healthy options, diner styled menu, and a great cup of tea or coffee, with the Best Service from my Main MAN Oscar, than, it is: The Brighton Coffee Shop in Beverly Hills.(only draw back, they don’t have a bathroom, I don’t think??? . . . so, be sure to plan accordingly).

I have one other place, but it’s my lil nook, and I am not sure I am ready to disclose . .. I will think about it. . . but, here’s a hint . . . Great Food and Drinks, open 24 hours/7 days a week, WeHo on Sunset Blvd, and the wallpaper in the bathroom is my FAVORITE, it’s repeating scenes of Walt Disney’s Original 1953 Animated Film Peter Pan.

Where do you shop most in LA?


Best Inside Mall: Beverly Center

There’s a Bloomy’s and a Macy’s, plus every other imaginable store, and it’s attached to a Loehman’s, Marshall’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and parking is free for 2 hours.

Best Mall to Gallivant around: The Grove on Fairfax

The shopping is ehh-okay (Nordstrom’s), however there is an Apple Store with lot’s of helpful employees . . . Awhhh, I love that Apple Store . . . or Mac Store . .whatever you kids call it these days, they have Outstanding Customer Service there!

This Mall is an outside Mall, with a Trolley, and an Amazing Barnes and Nobles (4 stories high with it’s own Dr Suess section) that has frequent book signings of great authors and artists.Have you ever seen a movie, where there’s that really cool fountain in the background of some scene shot at a Mall in “Hollywood,” . . . that’s this Mall, the Fountain is always there and Fountaining. Oh, and during Christmas Season, it snows on Wednesday nights at 7PM (it’s Magic) through all the streets of The Grove and there is an entire Joyful Glee of Santa’s Village, there’s a Great Movie Theatre here, and several Restaurants (Cheesecake Factory, can’t go wrong with The Cheesecake Factory), plus a Wonderful Farmer’s Market.This is the only place in all of LA that I could find a legit freshly made, for real Funnel Cake with a plethora of optional toppings to chose from . . . .yup, at that Farmer’s Market at The Grove.

I’ve said too much!

Moving on . . .

Best Good Will Shopping:

Out of the Closet

It’s on Fairfax . . . I have gotten some of my best pieces there!! ORGINAL Member’s Only Jackets there, Like ALL the time, if You’re Lucky, just saying ;-))))

And if you are on Fairfax and you want to peek in at the most Amazing Sneaker Haven or if you just happen to collect like myself, then you have to check out where the shoes truly glisten:

Flight Club

OHHH, again, I have said . . . . too MUCH!

Moving On . . .

Best Vintage and Boutique Shopping:


Abbot Kinney

I’ve gotten some great Gunne Sax Vintage Dresses in these Boutiques, including my Wedding Dress . . . that fit’s just perfect, circa 1940’s, mint condition . . . Beautiful Overlay, as white as it was on the day it was made . . . Yes .. . I bought my dress already and I don’t even have a prospect of a boyfriend . . . But, trust me, if you tried this dress on, with the Vintage Tiara I found from the late 1800’s and twirled, you would have ABSOLUTLEY purchased both of these Fayre items, just as I did.

There are some neat crafty, not too expensive stores in Venice.Hand-stitched headbands and jewelry places, random surf shops, personalized ish nish a lish and that, OH and my FAV store for Customizing Any and Everything on to Any and Everything is my Homeboys store:

The Ave on Venice.They can print artwork, logos, ideas, creations, thoughts, visions . . .on Converse, Vans, Apparel, Hats, etc .. . . Yes, while you Wait!! How Amazing is that??? Right?? I know!! So Awesome!

DO it!

Lastly, if You really want to do a day of Shopping, see some Celebs on the Regs, and drop more than a dime . . . then go to Beverly Hills and Shop on . . .

NOOOOOOOO . . . it is NOT Rodeo Drive!! I know, right???

Rodeo Drive is fun to Walk through, and Tourist about.You will see some amazing sights on Rodeo, bask among it’s beauty, spot a few high end escorts, see some of the most amazing Million Dollar means of transportation, and feel like Pretty Woman for a few minutes, but if you want to shop . . .

Go a few streets East to Beverly Blvd for some light shopping . . .and then head a few more streets East to:



Great Stores, Beautiful People, Quick Bites, and the LA it Spot to meet up to grab lunch!Call ahead and make a reservation at The IVY, yesssss that adorable little Shabby-Chic Cottage with Beautiful Fresh Flower Bouquets on every table, cluttered intricacies of antique decor, inside and outside close table dining, word of phenomenal dishes, and more often than not, laden with TMZ and Paparazzi.

AnyHoo – Like I was saying, for the BEST Shopping, Robertson BLVD will have you attired in the latest fashion that has not even happened yet! Trust me . . . I LOVE this Boulevard!! Tis My Fav!

What cities do you enjoy on the road?

EveryWhere . . . I have been . . . I have NOT been . . . i Have NOT been very many places for Leisure, I truley need to travel more.

I Love NY (i find myself there often for work), I LOVE Baltimore (HOME) . . . Maryland/DC (family) . . . Whew, I need to TraveL more, HUH??? I

I LOVE PARK City for SnowBoarding, but I also love NoCaL (BIG BEAR and Mammonth) for that as weLL . . . Basically I need to travel more!

Last Vacation?

For me, Vacation is a state of mind, Not a Place . . . I have found that some of my most enjoyed escapes, are those un planned and un traveled . . . but, with that said, I desire and want to travel more . . . as I Vacation very little via Destination and I want to see the World!

I take a full week off, once a year . . . every summer with my family.

All of my siblings and their families and Moms and Pops, we rent a huge house in OBX, North Carolina, and disappear from reality for 7 whole days.

It’s the Best, most anticipated, loved, and enjoyed time of mine apart from Work. I am the middle of 7 children, with parents that have been married for 38 years, the aunt of 7, and the sister in law of 4 . . . I LOVE MY FAMILY, and during this week, we just dance, sing, play music, drink Patron, Play Beach Football, fly Kites, Cookout, Smoke up, CHILL OUT, make friendship bracelets, tie dye shirts, drink beers, eat Pizza, swing some Kettlebells, Hike some unknown, watch movies, occupy local bars till last last call, have jumping competitions, go fishing, skateboarding, East coast Surfing, and sometimes even sleep in late =))) . . . Whew . . . I can’t wait, that’s coming up in July!! So, Last Vacay was last summer with the Fam.

You Wanna Come, don’t you?!


Biggest Accomplishment?

It has not happened Yet ;-))))

Place you want to visit most?

England, Paris and Italy . . . I’ve always imagined I would one day live in a Castle, much like Belle from Beauty and the Beast . . . and have that huge library with a ladder, and I just feel like this imaginative creation of mine truly exists in Europe. Part of me also wants to walk the same streets that Ernest Hemingway took me through in his stories, stay in the same Hotel as Angelina Jolie did in ‘The Tourist,’ indulge in the artwork and sculptors of legends past, venture through ALL of the Historical Landmarks, learning and Living where Leonardo Da Vinci once drew his first sketch, hidden from the Towns People and denied of his proper Surname, sail the same seas as Alexander the Great did before me, and get LOST in the Ancient Architecture of Awesomeness while be consumed by it’s Magnificence against my single standing Universal soul! Woopsiessss I got carried a little bit away there, sorry, oKay next question, YES i am focusing  . . . . I am always focused on what i am focusing on . . . . 😉

Favorite Smoothie Recipe?

Body Fuel from The Body Factory:

Direct Link to Body Fuel Smoothie:

Easiest home cooked meal?

Besides Calling the Closest ALL Organic, Free RANGE, Health NUT place for some Take OUT??? Whoa – i Live in WEHO, the best healthiest reastuarants are all so CLOSE . . . but, when I am being a BIG girl and getting my grown Woman on, Here is a GREAT Lean Clean YUM recipe:

Baked Chicken Breast (All White Meat, boned) – marinate or season with whatever you like. I use lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, salt & pepper, & a fat free all organic Italian dressing

Steamed Brown Rice (for a higher calorie option, you could make a yummy seasoned rice, like Rice a Roni, or something like that, but steamed brown rice is what I use right now . . . and if you want this booty and this Body By Becky, the steamed Brown Rice tastes so much better than a Winnie the PooH Belly feels.

Steamed Medley of Vegetables (frozen bagged Veggies are fine)

Cook it All Separate.

Then put it all in a casserole dish (after you drain any un-needed Chicken juice), lay the chicken down first, spread the rice around, get crazy with the spreading of the vegetable medley (hmmm if you’d like while you do it, then it will be a melody of medley), and then you can top it with some joy of light bread crumbs and or sprinkles of cheeses (when I am eating clean, like I am now, I avoid those extra un needed calories that have next to nada nutritional content . . .I opt to instead, Garnish it with LoVe).