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Rainy Desert Afternoon Building Memories Washing sorrows off the sidewalk of Life SiLLy yesterdaYs ALL we have Now is Mostly Everything How freeing it is to know Your mate of Soul Accepts your everything. Palm Desert Oasis...
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we hold on tighter to things we are afraid to lose, things we think we need - the fear of its loss is greater than its purpose; we must remove this fear, as we must remove ALL fear - so we must remove this thing, because - The fear of fear is the greatest fear of ALL....
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As the world honors a fitness legend - i remember a friend. If you have visited me in LA - i take you on this one Hike - it's to the Hollywood sign - & nOOooOO it's not the trendy Griffith Park hike that the World associates with Tinsel Town that i trek weekly now - his hike is and was one of a kind – just like him - some things you don't realize or appreciate until what led you there, to that feeling or memory - is already gone. Up off of a Sunrise, around a corner where only 4wheel drive dares rally...
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COME out Come ALL to A fun little Christmas show that I'll be in with some great talented friends. I perform in the closing comedy act "The Misery of Hope." Not only is this show a guaranteed knee slapper of hilarity, the Best part of aLL is that it's FREE! Donations go to the wonderful Charity, The United Way. So bring your girl on a date and tell her this was very expensive. Seating is limited so make sure to reserve your seats here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/tinsel-coal-an-evening-of-holid… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL. !!!mmm YaY!!! i...
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unnamedSomewhere along this journey - i can't be so sure when or when it's happened, but i have simply lost the ability to receive without feeling guilty. "WTF self is wrong with you self?" Seriously - if anyone gives me a small tinge of anything, i spend the next week expressing my gratitude, and that is surely annoying and exhausting. i suppose it stems from my own insecurity of always feeling for being taken for granted. IDK - we are all misunderstood to a point, even among those that know us best, we somehow seem to feel...
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Becky_Schaller-369 When I was little I would wear my entire tball uniform on Friday nights with my dad, he would take me up Bowie, to the Baysox – he would buy the $5 ticket, and I would get in for free. I was that 5 year old kid who sat watching every inning focused, clenched, ready for the foul ball I was going to catch . . . that’s been me my whole life . . . showing up different, believing in the dream, and never letting go of it. I have realized this in this journey...
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unnamed Super Fitting that Becky Schaller from Body By Becky is this Month's FEATURED BEACH BABE on www.beachbabefitness.com. because JULY is BECKY's ALL TIME FAVORITE MONTH, like ever. 947260_10100881992422095_301329364_n Please ENJOY this FUN FILLED and MOTIVATIONAL interview RESPONSIBLY because it is jam packed with some of Becky's most intimate and cherished secret fit tips. Click Here for the Interview: http://www.beachbabefitness.com/2014/07/beach-babe-becky-schaller_9.html Becky Football...
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It's March Madness, which means Summer time is nearly here and it is time to be #BodyByBecky Bikini Ready. Here is The SHAPE Magazine Bikini Body Countdown Workout: Month #2 hosted by The World renowned Best Trainer, from the Hit Television series, The Biggest Loser; Mr. BOB HARPER, and myself, Becky Schaller. ...
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it's February 1st, which means Summer time is right around the corner and it is time to get ready. Here is The SHAPE Magazine Bikini Body Countdown Workout: Month #1 hosted by The World renowned Best Trainer, from the Hit Television series, The Biggest Loser; Mr. amaZinGLy AwHHHsome BOB HARPER, and myself #BodyByBecky. ...
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  • #BodyByBecky Fitness Audition Unedited Me

    i had a Super F U N Fitness AUDITION last night AT HOME via video and it was sO FUN we Youtube-d it for YOU + there are some EaSy Workout Exercises included on it that you can truly do ANYWHERE YAY. LooOOOVe YOUs. go TO: www.youtube.com/bodybybecky to watch! :-) Xo


  • Build me Up Buttercup, Just to Break Me Down . . .

    The TRUTH is:

    We break our muscles down, so they can repair and we can rebuild them back up: STRONGER!!!!

    The CooL Thing about this is:




  • Who are You to Judge Me? Who am I to Judge Myself?

    I preach so Much to NOT Judge Others … for who Am I to Judge someone else and their story that I don’t know, their thoughts I never think, their health and body I have never been, their heartache or heartFULL I am not, their fight they have fought and maybe still fight or have lost and/or won.

    I, as no one else does, has this very right to judge others …

    … .and, Yeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!, as much as I praise this ability to reject the favoring tendency that is the brunt base of most conversations and relationships, as well as News topics, Time Magazine Covers and Interests of The Majority, I am at fault for something MUCH more and I would like to Fix it!  I want to Make Myself Better!

    So stop!!! Sit down!  Take a Silly gosh durn moment!!!

    I’ll wait …

    Until you stop for real and sit and pause and take 30 seconds with me.

    Ready Now??


    I want to tell ME:

    To stop JUDGING MYSELF so HARD on all that I AM NOT and to accept my place in LIFE with gratitude and to be Honestly Proud of what I have earned, honor where I have come from, and respect myself ALWAYS and equally to the other beautiful SOULS purposefully chosen to co-habitat this Wonderful Planet alongside and with me!


    SO, today, do your best to not judge others more than you have to … take a conscious moment for yourself to sit and just ENJOY the BEAUTY of ALL SURROUNDING and Most Importantly Be Proud of YOURSELF!  You are the MOST important person In Your LIFE, and the worth of Loving who YOU are is a Value with more benefits and vast accumulating foundational interest than Any superfluous dollar amount.

    Plus: No one can steal it from you = WINNING!!!

    Happy Holiday Season Everyone!



  • And IN the Words of RAY LEWIS … this MAN of Miracles, He FUELS me RELENTLESSLY … .



    I chase dreams, it is not a hobby, it is a way of life.

    And yes at times it is in question and lonely, other times it is in heightened glory, and sometimes it is tiresome and filled with worry … but I have one mindset, one mantra, one mission statement I have promised myself to live by and that is to leave this world, this life I was so privileged and gifted to receive: WITH NOT A REGRET left behind me.

    Dreams are Possible to Create into your reality, and even I at times, look to give up these visions of hope when times get trying or all my efforts seem to reverberate back to me with no result of forward momentum … and if there is one thing that has really helped me, when I feel that it is time to give up, give in and go about the easy, not so dream believing way of life …

    And that is to hold ON for JUST one MORE DAY! JUST ONE MORE DAY!!! That is ALL . .  Just one more day …

    Recalculate my game plan, define the absolutes surrounding me, write down the truth of what I desire opposed to the static noise of confusion invading my once clear vision of what I want to create into my reality and to NOT GIVE UP, work harder still, BELIEVE more in my quest than I did the day before, Use wisely my resources, SHOWCASE my Talents, FEAR NOT, Refuse FAILURE, TRY HARDER, FOCUS with a PURPOSE and remember why in the first place I want so much of what so many tell me to seize in pursuit of my Dream CHASING way of LIVING …

    AND truth is PEPS, DREAMS do COME true, if YOU do ALL YOU can to FIGHT for what is YOURS and to PREPARE BEYOND all set Expectations.  NO ONE can take from YOU, in any war, battle, moment of tried TRUTH, who you are and what you stand FOR when WHAT YOU HAVE BUILT is sturdier and stronger everlasting than their doubtful confusions.

    And do it for someone, do it for more than just yourself … if I was out here for the mere self gratification to continue with just the limited desires of self ego and identity, I would have given up a long time ago … because a life lived for ones self, is a life short lived.  A true LIFE of FULFILLMENT and PURPOSE is LIVED FOR OTHERS, so that I Choose IN GIVING by LOVING when Hated, Believing when Doubted, and Proceeding when Neglected … I have come to FIND that even little ol’ Me, just 1 of 7 billion co in habitants, has A purpose greater than just co inhabitating … I HAVE A REASON I was chosen to exist, I have a reason I was put here to leave my mark, I have a REASON that every day I am fighting to find in doing all that I have been told I should and could not do … I HAVE A REASON to LEAD a LIFE OF LEGEND and LEAVE BEHIND A LEGACY GREATER Than any BEFORE ME … I DO IT FOR MY FAMILY and FOR LITTLE GIRLS EVERYWHERE … I DO IT FOR MY BEST FRIEND and FOR MY NIECE and NEPHEWS, so that THEY TO CAN Wake UP with VISIONS OF HOPE opposed to Suffocating WHY NOT’s of demanding UNDREAMING! I DO IT BECAUSE I CAN, I WILL, AND I WON’T GIVE UP or GIVE IN … I WILL GIVE IT ALL, MY EVERYTHING!

    And YOU KNOW what, Little Girls, With “LITTLE COTTON TOPS” can BALL TOO … I’m too SMALL, I’ll GET FASTER … I’m too Slow, I’ll get STRONGER … I’m too Short, I’ll JUMP HIGHER … I’m too raw, I’ll get Seasoned … I’m too Nice, I’ll get NICER … I’m too Stubborn … Well, maybe … but as I start to fade out all the Voices of others, and recalculate my absolutes and remember … When people undermine My dreams, Predict my Doom and/or Criticize MY LEGACY … . they are telling their Story, NOT MINE … and in My story, not theirs, I AM SURE I am STRONG, I AM WITHOUT A DOUBT … LEGENDARY!

    SO – What’s YOUR LEGACY??? What’s Your PURPOSE in LIFE worth FIGHTING FOR???  So, that When You leave your LEGEND Behind, you can reflect upon righteously with NO REGRET!





    Om is a mantra, or vibration. It is said to be the sound of the universe. What does that mean?

    Somehow the ancient yogis knew what scientists today are telling us—that the entire universe is moving. Nothing is ever solid or still. Everything that exists pulsates, creating a rhythmic vibration that the ancient yogis acknowledged with the sound of Om. We may not always be aware of this sound in our daily lives, but we can hear it in the rustling of the autumn leaves, the waves on the shore, the inside of a seashell.

    Chanting Om allows us to recognize our experience as a reflection of how the whole universe moves—the setting sun, the rising moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, the beating of our hearts. As we chant Om, it takes us for a ride on this universal movement, through our breath, our awareness, and our physical energy, and we begin to sense a bigger connection that is both uplifting and soothing.

    Personally i have found that the resonating sounds of OM are very similar to those of the Catholic Priests when they chant/hum/sing their Prayer at Services. Sometimes in life, as for example, these two religions/spiritual beliefs, are so different, but also so the same.



  • The Last of The Schaller 7 Ends A 20 Year Tradition and Shares Her Words on LIFE!

    My littlest sister graduates my Alma Mater, Leonardtown High School, this Thursday and sadly I cannot make the 3500 mile trip to watch her Primp The Circumstance and INSTAGRAM all the Excitement!

    !What a Pivotal Landmark in LIFE!

    I am so PROUD. Beyond Words … 

    For those of you who do not know, I am the middle of 7, with parents that have been married for Ions, and Clara is the Last of the reign to seal the Schaller Tradition of Leonardtown High School Graduates.

    1992 – 2012, us Schaller Siblings hold a strong 20 year tradition of tassel wearing, Honor RoLL Making, and Blue, Silver and White rep’n … GO RAIDERS!

    Melissa, Erin, Bobby, Becky (me), Emmett, Jessie, Clara.

    On Thursday, the last of this crew sees us through … and there is only ONE that could do it just right … .


    Congrats to my Littlest Sister PIPS!


    I share with you ALL: the Maturity of Her Being, The Pureness of her Heart and the Beauty of Her Soul via her Senior Assignment: “What is LIFE?”

    Enjoy this Revelation in the words of a 17 year old!

    (it made me cry … yeah, it is that BEAUTIFUL) … . 



    “This I Believe”

    Everybody gets lost. Everybody does not belong somewhere. But, at some point in time most everybody finds out where they are going and where they fit in life…


    I have always incessantly worried about what if I never do.  What if I am always a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, just me, not even two lost souls, just one. Me!!!! This is Absolutely frightening!!!!!

    But this is LIFE!! Yes - this!!!! RIGHT NOW, it is LIFE!!!! And one thing is for sure, you can’t turn your back on it, there is no way to avoid it, no way around it, no short cut to cheat by it, no magic spell, twist of the wrist, or wrinkle of the nose that will get you through it, YOU just Have to LIVE IT!

    Terrifying, frightening, dreadful, beautiful it- life!

    It is a curious thing- a wonderful thing.

    I see life as my one opportunity. It is my open book, with blank pages, and now all I have to do is write. But, I am hesitant. I sit and think, write a few lines, ponder them, rethink them, tweak them, and suffer reluctantly from a severe case of writer’s block.

    Obviously, I am thoroughly worried about what is to come of me. But, I have recently come to the realization- through hideously long talks and readings- that everybody is just as lost as the next person. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, how they will respond or what feelings they will feel the next day, hour or minute. I do not even know where I am going to live this Life next Fall, what song I will listen to on the way to work today, and I honestly couldn’t tell you what I am going to wear in just an hour from now - but that is fine!

    It is fine to be lost, confused, scared or frightened, just as long as you never lose yourself. As long as your gut feelings, your love and your true soul are never sacrificed in finding out who you are and where you belong, then you are fine! I am Fine … Everything is going to be ALLLLL Riiighhhhhht!!!

    I believe that throughout everything, all my ups and downs, all my scars and heartaches, my disappointments and jubilances, I will never lose myself. I believe that I will succeed, and in succession not compare my triumphs verses your rewards, but rather accept my own and applaud yours gratuitously.  I know that nothing will hinder or break down the path I choose, to have Faith when I am in doubt of my direction, and to rely on hope and possibility, refuting at my best, all negativity, and to never forget, and to always remember, that:

    I believe in me … 




    DREAM BIG!!!!!!!! DO BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  • How to Get the Body By Becky Body

    I am always getting asked the same question:

    “How can I have your body?” … 

    Well … if You are an eligible bachelor, with some gosh durn manners, morale, and … .oh wait, hahaha, JUST KidddddinnnnnnngggGGG … I know I know … bad Joke … 

    Anyways - so, I thought that I would BLOG my exact workout that I did yesterday at the gym, with my trainer Mo!

    I will tell you, to get the Body By Becky Body is WORK, but it is so Worth it, and well … here’s how it’s done.

    My Workout with Mo, which I have entitled as my Body By Becky MO-tive WorkOut Series.

    5 min Foam Rolling Session (Warm Up).

    MO-tive #1 SuperSetted with MO-tive #2 (4 sets).

    (both vLOGS of exercises at bottom of this post, and also on my www.youtube.com/bodybybecky channel).

    Row Machine - Resistance set at 10, go for Best time of 500 meters.

    My Time Completed: 2:05

    ABS - 4 sets of 10 reps - Medicine ball (6 lbs) twist (tap, tap, tap, toss) and throw to Mo (hence why this is called MO-tive, get it . . yeah, he RocKs!). Alternate starting taps, feet up.

    Row Machine - Same.

    My Time Completed: 2:12 (Yessss I got a little slower the 2nd set, GeeZZZ, dully noted, and Goal to overcome next time, #BetterEveryDay!)

    Stretch 5 min.

    All Completed in about 50 minutes.

    Then I did:

    30 Min Cardio on ARC TRAINER (Incline on 5-6, Resistance on 30 - 50)

    Cool Down - 10 Min Recumbent Bike.

    And Wah LaHHHHHH … tis a day in the Life of How to Get Your Own Body By Becky!! Not so bad, huh?? It’s rather quite the FAV part of my day! =))) Let me know if it too becomes yours!

    Love You ALL,





  • 10 Must Do's When Prepping to Reach Your Fantasy Physic

    Whether it’s in an effort to Trim your Thick Thighs or to Chisel your Abs and Sides …


         … . .  These 10 are a Must Do,

                   That You Must 1st Include!

    #1) Trouble Spots are the First to Gain and the Last to Remain!

    KNOW THIS and Be prepared to work a little harder on this area.

    #2) Nutrition

    Eat how you want to be … so, If you want to be lean, you need to eat lean. 

    Food is Consumed Energy measured by KCals. If you consume more KCals than you use, your body naturally stores them as Fat. Fat likes to store in the trouble spots first, so make sure you are burning off the Energy you eat with Exercise.

    #3) Exercise - DO IT!!!!!! and Keep it Varied (the mundane, will get you the same).  

    Our Body Adapts to what it knows, so de-Adapt it with Variation.

    Variation can be implemented in:



    -Type of Exercise

    (I will continue to expand here in a vLOG of various options of Exercises you can chose from – with an emphasis and focus on the Thigh AreaHHHHH in my first series of posts! wink wink … I got you Kim)

    #4) Educate yourself on what Brands you like, and what Brands like your Body.

    You don’t have to wear Pajama Jeans … trust me, there are other options out there!

    Learn What Designers and Labels FIT YOU and stay loyal to that brand.  Labels most often design their styles off of one body type, as in they actually size their pieces off of one “fit model,” and they stay consistent with that fit.

    I know this because I do this. I fit for several brands, and it’s a few hours of me trying on a bunch of their next seasons wear, as they pin and trim and take out and in, the clothes to fit my body. They do this for all of their pieces, so find a brand that fits your physic.

    #5) Get Fitted.

    It’s a Healthy means of measurement that you can use to see if you are losing/gaining/maintaining in the correct areas.  The scale can be deceiving, because muscle weighs more than fat.

    #6) If you are doing something, ie an exercise, ie a “diet”, and it is not working, for goodness sake, try something new!!!!

    #7) Don’t Give UP!

    Be prepared for plateu’s, set backs, and days off … . but Never Give UP! Don’t pretend you’re okay with where you are and settle for a sub par!

    I work and continue to work every day on bettering myself in some sort of way and the reward is that in itself.

    Having the knowledge to know I can be more today than yesterday, the Discipline to never surrender to what is today, and the wisdom to Not sacrifice what Can Be tomorrow!

    #8) Learn to Love your body! Do NOT accept your insecurities, OVERCOME them!! 

    And this is done by stepping out of your comfort zone and creating, sculpting, and replenishing your mind and body with the means to make it happen!

    #9) You Get Out, What You Put In!

    … Yes, in Life, and specifically, with all the above #’s …

    Let’s take an example:

     … in #3) Exercise … if you add a little variation to what you are doing, you will see a little bit of results

    … .in #2) Nutrition . .  . if you eat a little leaner, you’ll get a little leaner … 

    etc and so forth …

    If you want BIG results, put BIG effort into what you are doing, and KNOW what it is that you want to achieve, so … . 

    #10) Set a Goal

    -Make a Plan

    -Take Action

    -Ask For Help - hollahhhhhHHH, here I am  … but, please ALSO surround your immediate self with like minded achievers and believers … lean on each other … and you will naturally …

    -Build your own A-Team!


  • Thick Thighs???

    My Girl Kimberly asked me a great question:

    “I’m having a horrible time shopping for pants because I have VERY muscular thighs (since childhood). Is it possible to lose / sculpt muscle through just diet? Or, is it just a one way street to Pilates?”

    Okay, I am going to break it done really quick … sometimes I try to reassure myself of this shared situation, because I have grown up my whole life being called:


    And Being Asked:

    “How my ‘Pylons’ are Holding up?”

    And I even had one sweetheart of a gentleman, which I was dating at the time, attempt to compliment me, with almost the same words Romeo used to court his beautiful Juliet:

    “Your Thickness is my Weakness.”


    It was 2008 when i got that thickness/weakness comment (not “compliment”) and Well, I remember that year clearly, because Jamie Foxx came out with that Hit “She’s Got Her Own .… “ and when I first heard minute 2:06 of his Remix with Ne-Yo and Fabulous … I thought … maybe, just maybe . .  I do have my own, and I tried to be as The Dove campaign  encouraged … . that all this, all me, is some for “REAL Beauty” … and I am Woman, and …

    I woke up the next morning hearing the echo of ’Quadzilla-Quadzilla-QUADzilla' as I tried to deep lunge, lean back, and lower my WHOLE self into my Jeans … .

    uhhhHHH Hmmmm … this was before the Jegging Craze, okay … so, now you know. And if you are a Woman with, as Ne-Yo so pleasantly put it, “NICE thick thighs,” there is nothing encouraging about getting dressed and not being able to get the crouch of your pants to hit the crouch of your self, while still having to wear a belt, so that your undies don’t show out the back, because you had to buy your pants 2 sizes Up in the waist line and everywhere else, just so that your pants, can now fit around your “pylons.”

    Hmmmmm … I wore my Dad’s pants in HighSchool … by accident one day.  My Mom put his jeans in my “pile of clothes,” and Levi’s are Levi’s … so, as I was putting them on, pulling hard on those two back belt loops, the one belt loop ripped off! WHAT the???

    uhhhhhHH, most annoying thing ever … and as my Mom was sewing it back on, and I was eating my cereal,

    she said: “Why are you wearing Dad’s Jeans anyways??”

    “Ewh Mom, What?? That’s weird … I wouldn’t put my butt in the same pants Dad puts his butt in … that’s Gross!”

    “No, Becky, these are Dad’s, I think … “ as she looked at the inside label.

    “Yeah, these are his honey, why don’t you wear your own jeans, so you don’t rip your Father’s?”

    The tears rolled down my cheeks in to my Life cereal that I stopped eating and all I knew at that moment, was that I was really good at Field Hockey, I could leg press 5 plates on each side (which I thought was cool until right then), I was not yet old enough to drive or date, my Dad was a quarter century older than me … . and WEARS smaller jeans than I do!

    And Ne-Yo … you’re going to try to make me feel sexy about this??


    Anyways – so, at age 28, in reflection of age 15 and age 24, I have found a few tricks that I am going to share with You FEMALES!  

    #1) Know that you are not Alone in this (I imagine ¼ of the Galaxy’s Female Population shares this same situation).

     #2) It is possible to go from a Quadzilla to a Barbarella (yes … Jane Fonda knows whats up)! Look at them thighs, lean and mean –>

    #3) I did it, I am still doing, and I am going to tell you how You can too =) !! …

    Stay Tuned for the next post for the Foundation to the Formula … it’s coming ASAP ;-))) … . . 


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